Sunday School

Shiners and Seekers – Sunday School

Our Sunday School meets each Sunday morning. After 20 minutes in the main church service, we leave after the childrens’ address and song and we then head out into the church hall for Sunday School. We start off with some lively singing and welcome any new children. We then divide into two groups. We have the ‘Shiners’ (three years old to year 4) and the ‘Seekers’ (year 4 to 16 years old).

With the younger group we move up into the Sunday School room and we teach many stories from the Bible. We try to make sure that we include some Old Testament information too! We endeavour to make the lessons fun and get them involved in the interesting story. We often teach a Bible verse related to the lesson and find different ways for the verse to be remembered. At the end we always ask ourselves ‘what can we learn from this lesson for our own lives right now?’. After a closing prayer the children choose a craft/colouring-in activity.

The older group moves to the library room and has some snacks and a chat before getting into the interactive Bible study books and discussion time. These books are produced in an appealing way for the young people. They answer questions in an enthusiastic manner and get to share their views. Sometimes we will watch a dvd and discuss the themes and application for our

We make the point that in all the school holidays that whilst we do not have a structured program as such we still do have some fun activities available for the children and young people. This is important because it sends a clear message that our church is putting our kids (and our families) as a high priority. By providing these school holiday activities it is hoped that the young families in our church will still come along, Sunday by Sunday.


Holiday Club

During the school holidays in the middle of the year we also have our Holiday Club!

All primary school aged children are welcome to come along each morning (Monday to Friday) for crafts, games, morning tea, songs, bible stories, a play related to the week’s theme and a memory verse. Our youth group also participates as our junior leaders and provide a great deal of energy and fun into the mix. It’s a great week of fun, laughter and Christian values. Come drop off the kids and make the most of the morning whilst we play and learn and sing together.


So please come along and join us one Sunday. We’d love to see you!