Our Mission Statement & Goals

standrewspresbTo provide an effective witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the Presbyterian and Reformed tradition within the ACT and beyond


To develop an environment within the Parish Charge of St Andrew that supports life, ser­vice, worship and prayer by providing a deeper understanding of God’s word.


To foster Christian principles and values in the lives or people in the Canberra region by wit­nessing to Christ and sharing His teachings.


To grow in fellowship and friendship by witnessing to Christ, with St Andrew’s recognised in the Canberra region as being welcoming and accepting.


To foster and promote a vibrant youth ministry that targets young adults, young families and youth in the Canberra region through sharing our knowledge and love of Christ.


To demonstrate Christ’s teachings by provid­ing needed and visible evangelical and social outreach programs to the people in the Canberra region and to reach beyond by our support to missions.