The Bells of St Andrew’s

View from up the belltower

The Church of St Andrew has a peal of eight bells, which ring out over the surrounding suburbs. The bells are played before our church services to call people to worship and after most weddings as part of the celebration. During the 10 days before Christmas members of the public are welcome each evening to come and ring the bells themselves.

The peal of bells was donated to St Andrew’s in 1968 by Roy Rowe. He donated the bells in honour of motherhood and in memory of his own mother. The bells were cast at the Bell Foundry of John Taylor & Co in Loughborough, England. This foundry also cast the bells of St John’s, Reid and the Carillon in the ACT.

The bells vary in size from the smallest bell of 20” in diameter and weighing 89kg to the largest bell of 38” in diameter and weighing 535kg.

Bells high in the Bell Tower
Another view of bells from above

The bells are rung by ropes which cause the bell clapper to strike the inside of the bell.

The bells are mounted under steel beams in the tower and do not swing.

Bell box showing pullers
Bell cords coming from below in the Bell Box

Each year for the 10 evenings before Christmas everyone is invited to visit St Andrew’s to view our nativity scene, see our Christmas lights and to ring our bells.

Bell Box showing numbers to pull
Bells number 8 clapper

The bells are rung by two people each ringing four bells.

For further information please contact the church office on (02) 6295 3457 or via email on