Organ Specifications

Hill, Norman & Beard is an organ building company with a great tradition and reputation in England, originally as Hill in the 1830’s and then as Hill, Norman & Beard from 1916.

They built, or re-built, many of the famous organs in both England and Australia, including those of Norwich Cathedral, Manchester Cathedral, St. John’s Cambridge and the original organ in the Melbourne Town Hall.

Hill, Norman & Beard is noted for producing organs with the traditional “English” sound – warm, round and rich in the ‘Romantic’ Style – but also well suited to works from the classic German repertoire.

The St.Andrew’s organ is an excellent example of their work, with a well-balanced range of stops suitable for the playing of most types and styles of church music.

The organ’s sound is enhanced by the building’s excellent acoustics.

Since 1975 Peter Jewkes has had sole responsibility for the maintenance, tuning and all work on the organ. In 1981 this Sydney firm carried out a restoration of the organ as well as installing a solid-state electronic system.

Current Upgrading and Restoration of the Organ

In February 2002, Stage One of a plan to upgrade and restore the organ was completed by Peter Jewkes, and this involved the replacement of the ‘Mixture’ pipes on the Great manual.

Stage Two of this upgrading saw the replacement of most of the 8 foot Trumpet pipes. The new pipes were made by the Mander Organ Company in London and installed by Peter Jewkes. The work was completed in May 2003.

Stage Three was to have all the pipes professionally cleaned. Such cleaning had not been done for 25 years or so and was vital for keeping the pipes in good order and sounding their best. The cleaning was carried out by Peter Jewkes and was completed in January 2006.

Donations to the Organ Fund may be made via the Church Office or direct to the organist on

Organist and Choir Director: Beth Cathcart


Great Organ

(Unenclosed in original chamber)

Contra Dulciana 16ft

Open Diapason 8ft

Gedeckt 8ft

Dulciana 8ft

Octave 4ft

Dulcet 4ft

Nason flute 4ft

Quint 2-2/3ft

Super Octave 2ft

Foumiture (19, 22, 26) 3 ranks

Trumpet 8ft

Swell Organ

(Enclosed in left chamber)

Geigen Diapason 8ft

Hohl Flote 8ft

Salicional 8ft

Voix Celeste 8ft

Principal 4ft

Flute Ouverte 4ft

Nazard 2-2/3ft

Piccolo 2ft

Mixture (15, 19, 22) 3 ranks

Double Trumpet 16ft

Trumpet 8ft

Clarion 4ft

Pedal Organ

Sub Bass 16ft

Bourdon 16ft

Contra Dulciana 16ft

Octave 8ft

Flute 8ft

Quint 5-1/3ft

Choral Bass 4ft

Octave Flute 4ft

Octavin 2ft

Double Trumpet 16ft

Trumpet 8ft

Clarion 4ft


Swell Sub Octave

Swell Unison Off

Swell Octave

Swell to Great Sub Octave

Swell to Great

Swell to Great Octave

Swell to Pedal

Swell to Pedal 4ft

Great to Pedal

Great and Pedal Pistons Combined

Swell and Pedal Pistons Combined


4 Thumb Pistons to Swell Organ

4 Thumb Pistons to Great Organ

4 Toe Pistons to Pedal Organ

4 Toe Pistons to Swell Organ


Reversible Thumb Pistons –

Swell to Great

Great to Pedal

Swell to Pedal

Reversible Toe Piston Great to Pedal

Balanced electro-pneumatic Swell Crescendo Pedal

Swell Tremulant

Double Touch Canceller