St Andrew’s Choir Information

Highlights of the Choir Year are the annual Lessons and Carols Service on the third Sunday in December each year, the Christmas Eve Service at 11.00pm on 24th December (with candlelight procession), the Good Friday Choral service at 9.30am.


The choir is available to sing at weddings for a fee of $250.00, this being our only source of revenue for the purchase and maintenance of music, dry-cleaning of choir gowns and covering of all other general expenses.

Rehearsal Times

The choir rehearses every Thursday night in the church from 8.00pm until 9.30pm (or later when special events require extra work).

Warm-up rehearsal begins at 9.00am each Sunday morning before the service.

Additional rehearsals may be scheduled prior to the presentation of Easter and Christmas music.

RSCM Charter

St.Andrew’s Choir is a member of the Royal School of Church Music (ACT Branch) and is thus affiliated to the RSCM in both Australia and England.

The charter of the RSCM states that it is essential for church choirs to maintain the highest possible standards of church music, showing reverence and devotion in all that they do.

StAndrew’s choir thus undertakes to promote the cause of good Church Music and in this is guided by the principles set forth by the Royal School of Church Music.

New Members

Anyone wishing to join the choir is welcome to contact the Organist/Choir Director (6295 0669)

or or phone the church office (6295 3457).

Beth Cathcart

Organist and Choir Director

Presbyterian Church of St.Andrew, Canberra.